Saturday, November 12, 2011

All the time in the world.....

Recently being laid off has given me an abundance of time to work on painting.  I have finished my first box of dwarf warriors, and I am currently working on the heroes from the Fellowship list that I got with the Mines of Moria set.  I started by painting Gimli, since I will most likely be using him with my dwarf list (and people say I don't plan ahead, lol).  As I'm still starting out, I looked up pictures and examples of paint schemes for Gimli.  While these were somewhat helpful, I found it a little more difficult to find the exact model of Gimli that I had.  Most were Gimli posed with his two-handed axe held sideways, but the model I have has Gimli with a one-handed axe in each hand.  Also, there was no cloak on my model, which is where I ran into problems.  I couldn't find a good example of how the armor pieces for upper arms could look.  As a result I used a burnished gold, that turned out to be too bright for my tastes.  However, it did give me an opportunity to learn how to "fix" paint jobs without just painting over completely.  It turned out okay, even if it is still brighter than most I have seen.  But I like the accent those armor pieces bring, and ultimately it should be about whether you like the model, paint job, and everything else.  I have yet to finish his base, and will post pictures once I finish Legolas and Aragorn/Strider (since the three "hunters" are my favorite characters).

On a side note, I have now played only two full matches of LotR against friends, and I'm currently 2-0.  Some might say it was my friends being nice to the noob, and some might say that the match up of Wood Elves vs. Far-Harad (with no range) in a battle of attrition was a little one sided.  All I have to say is.... they're probably right!

P.S. Still working on getting pictures up, but it should get there soon, lol.  Don't judge me.  It causes blindness!

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  1. So how did you fix the paint job then mate?

    Also, were you using your friends models concerning the wood elves? Or are they yours?