Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dwarves of Erebor

With Gathering in the Desert 2012 almost here, I've almost finished my dwarf army.  All I have to do next is finish my emissary model, and I'll be ready to go.  So here are some pics of the Dwarves of Erebor with Gimli as captain.

Dwarf Captain
Dwarf Warrior with Shield x8
Dwarf Warrior with 2-Handed Axe x5
Khazad Guard x7
Iron Guard x9
Dwarf Ranger with Dwarf Longbow x12

 I'm putting the finishing touches on the display board, then I can focus on getting games in and working on my next project (which is yet undetermined).  So!  First Lord of the Rings army almost done!  Proceed with the battles!